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Communication Transactions in an Organization

Communication is dynamic process that involves interactive process between people. it serves as two-way communication that follows a back and forth pattern, the speaker sends message and receiver responses with meanings and goes back to speaker.

The Structure of Transactions

A transaction takes place when two or more people pay attention to each other and at the same time, or are "mutually and simultaneously taking one another into account".

Mutual Role Definition
This theory believes that transactions are characterised by the fact that people assume roles in relation to one another.

The Situation
This is the context in which an interpersonal situation occurs as a powerful guide in choosing which role is appropriate.

Your role will spell out how you will dress up, how you will speak or be spoken to, what kind of duties and privileges and rights you may entitled to.

These are the set of guidelines that govern the establishment of role relationship.


Metacommunication is relationship communication that performs two basic functions: interpretive and relational.

Essential Dimensions of Relational Level of Communication
Complementary Communication - is based on differences among the people in a relationship, and these differences are usually expressed in terms of dominance-submission or authority dimension.

Symmetrical Communication - this is based on similarities between people involved id a relationship who tend to mirror each other behaviours.

Intimacy - this refers to the level of closeness of people.

Transactional Incongruencies and Communication Problems

Sources of Role Conflict
Intrasender Conflict - this arises when you receive inconsistent directives from the same person on how to perform your job.

Intersender Conflict - when different people send you expectations which conflict with one another.

Role Overload - this is present when other people's expectations of you far exceed the amount of energy, time and skills you have to fill them.

Person-role Conflict - this occurs when you are expected to do things which are quite out of your own identity.

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